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Let the sun pay your bill

We supply a wide range of solar photovoltaic products to fulfill your energy needs of a small house to a big industry.

1. Mini Solar PV off-grid System

A small, easy to handle, portable and self installable system capable of supplying day-night electiricity requirement of a small house. This system has been built for those living in remote rural areas where grid supply is minimul or almost none.
Price: ₹ 15,000.00

2. Sub-Urban & Urban Solar PV off-grid Systems

Photovoltaic power plants with capacities starting from as low as 0.5 KWp to 10 KWp for sub-urban & urban house, shop and industries. These systems can be setup to fullfill your complete 24x7 electiricity requirement and become independent of govt. grid supply. It is also a better alternative to any home UPS or diesel power generator in premises where power cut is frequent but need a consistent primary power backup without adding up over burden on your pocket or electiricity bill.
Price: Staring from as low as ₹ 40,990.00


Mini Solar PV Plants


Sub-Urban & Urban Systems

100,000+ KWp

Energy saving per year


Less Bill per year